My First Imagi-Nation Army Unit

Just when my set of “War of Spanish Succession Infantry” figures arrive, I decided about putting them close for my two ‘Imagi-Nation’ groups. The crews I’ve chosen are Fontaine, who wear blue uniforms, and Sofitania, who wear red ones. Fontaine are located hidden in the French, and Sofitania is equally strategic based on the British side.

Army Unit toys

The first unit I decided to put together is the Garde de Palais, the Count of Fontaine’s own personal regiment. It was a case of going with bearskins here to distinguish them from other regiments.

Two-thirds of the figures went together quickly, requiring just a head and a sword glued on to the figure. The other third are a bit more fiddly. Now I have not built figures for at least five years, so it took me a while, and some creative use of language to get these together (and I created some whole new words when doing the drummer). But, with patience, they eventually went together nicely.

Now on to some painting. I’ll be doing these blue coated, with white facings and breeches. Lace will be gold, as will the sword hilts.
Sorry about the poor light, my iPad doesn’t work well with yellow light.