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God Eater 3: Survive and save the humankind from the hands of Aragamis

God Eater 3 has been recently released and all the lovers of this game’s previous series can finally play it on their personal computer. This is basically a role-playing action game which has been developed by the Marvelous First Studio. It was released on 8th of February 2019 and it is the third entry in the series of God Eater. If you have the platform of PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Windows then you can easily play it.

God Eater 3 New

Just like the other three series, this predecessor is also the action role-playing video game having a slash and hack gameplay. Here the players will be equipped with the guns arc which they can later transform into the guns. In this game, all the players will be provided with the task of killing and hunting the (more…)

Fantasy Wargaming – Song of Blades and Heroes AAR

Last week I bought myself Song of Blades and Heroes by “Ganesha Games”. I planned myself a rapid and fast fantasy game I can enjoy playing with my son that would not require a hundred rules and complications. I already posses loads of fantasy figures packed around in my collection from all kind of firms, and decided to get a system that could make me pick up a pair of them to (more…)

PlayStation 3 Emulator – Must have app for every gamer!

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I was browsing some gaming forums to kill time and stumbled across the PS3 emulator app for Android phones, PC & Mac devices. Curiosity done what’s supposed to so I decided to install it and try to play some game while waiting to fall asleep.

PS3 Emulator

As I’m always skeptical about everything which could be downloaded on internet is fishy and scammy, at first I was suspicious it some kind of virus so I decided to scan it before downloading apk on my phone. Online scanner told it’s safe to go with its about 40 different antivirus tools so that convinced me enough to trust it.

I searched on Google to find more info about program called PS3Mobi and checked this PlayStation 3 emulator from its website where I also found download links to get it for (more…)

My First Imagi-Nation Army Unit

Just when my set of “War of Spanish Succession Infantry” figures arrive, I decided about putting them close for my two ‘Imagi-Nation’ groups. The crews I’ve chosen are Fontaine, who wear blue uniforms, and Sofitania, who wear red ones. Fontaine are located hidden in the French, and Sofitania is equally strategic based on the British side.

Army Unit toys

The first unit I decided to put together is the Garde de Palais, the Count of Fontaine’s own personal regiment. It was a case of going with bearskins here to distinguish them from other regiments.

Two-thirds of the figures went together quickly, requiring just a head and a sword glued on to the figure. The other third are a bit more fiddly. Now I have not built figures for at least five years, so it took me a while, and some creative use of language to get these together (and I created some whole new words when doing the drummer). But, with patience, they eventually went together nicely. (more…)

Battlegrounds Gaming Engine – Awesome Tool


Battlegrounds Gaming Engine

Like you might know, I’ve been prevented from my wargaming miniatures due to the fact that my imagined playing room (my base) is still not ready to get started. It is also looking like it will be at least April before I can unpack my figures and use them to play.

Being a Wargaming Addict (sigh) there is no way I’m going to stay away from my passion that so long. So I took to using virtual tabletop application to get my wargaming fix.

Now I have tried lots of different software in my quest for something great to wargame on. Hey, if I have to do without figures,then at the very least I want to game on some great virtual tabletop. I also want it to feel like I am wargaming on an actual tabletop. Yes, I could fire up Combat Mission 2 and play that, but I want to play the many wargames I have rules for. I also want to feel like I am playing a tabletop wargame, and not a computer game.

And so I went on a quest… (more…)