PlayStation 3 Emulator – Must have app for every gamer!

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I was browsing some gaming forums to kill time and stumbled across the PS3 emulator app for Android phones, PC & Mac devices. Curiosity done what’s supposed to so I decided to install it and try to play some game while waiting to fall asleep.

PS3 Emulator

As I’m always skeptical about everything which could be downloaded on internet is fishy and scammy, at first I was suspicious it some kind of virus so I decided to scan it before downloading apk on my phone. Online scanner told it’s safe to go with its about 40 different antivirus tools so that convinced me enough to trust it.

I searched on Google to find more info about program called PS3Mobi and checked this PlayStation 3 emulator from its website where I also found download links to get it for free.

I tested it on my Android running Samsung phone. But it’s also supported for Windows and Apple Mac operating systems as well. Choose the one you prefer when you decide to download app for yourself.

To clear it out a bit more, PS3Mobi is a name of mobile version app, while ePS3e is a desktop version of this tool.

What most impressed me about this software is that all games are available for free in online database which this program is connected to. Means you don’t have to spend time searching for your desired game on web anymore, like it’s case with other similar emulators. All you need to do is run the application and go to its “Games” tab, where system will connect you with online directory with all game genres, open your preferred one and select game which you’re going to play. Confirm, run and enjoy!
Note: Don’t play game online if you’re not connected to a WiFi network, because PS3 games are large ones and will rapidly eat your mobile internet bandwidth. You can download game on your phone’s hard drive as well and play if offline whenever you want.

iOS version – For those who’re interested when the version for Apple’s mobile operating system get released I’ve used to find that developers are still in the middle of work on making it possible. Like they claim, it’s more harder to make it working on iOS since this system is more harder to tweak and crack like any other is. So stay tuned for more updates.
Updated! iOS is supported now. All versions are now available at PS3Mobi’s website.

Download link is above in in post.

That’s it about this emulator for now guys. Hope someone has learned something new today.
Enjoy with playing!